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DW River hair



Yesterday I spent a very enjoyable afternoon playing Mario Kart 8 with a group of friends and, after five hours of racing, one person emerged as the overall victor. That person was me. I AM THE QUEEN OF MARIO KART!

I even got a lovely trophy to celebrate my accomplishment:

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Yes, I am looking ever so slightly psychotic there. Possibly because it's wine. Possibly because I'd been playing Mario Kart for five hours and had lost all sense of reason. Either way, it is now sitting beside me and will soon be taking pride of place somewhere in my house so I can show it off at every opportunity.


It's a shame I couldn't have Mario Karted my way home today. A tree on the line meant delays to one of my trains, which meant I missed my connection and had to hang around 45 minutes for another one, which meant I got home about an hour and a half later than I had planned. But it's all good. Could have been worse. While I was at the station waiting to hear about my delayed train I also heard "We're sorry to announce that the 13:51 service to London Paddington is delayed by approximately 109 minutes." So it's a good thing I wasn't going to London Paddington.
DW River hair

Day 30 and Done

And with this post I win NaBloPoMo. I expect a prize, internet.

Congratulations to any NaNoWriMo winners. My traitorous mind has now come up with an idea for a story I really want to write. I think it waited a whole month on purpose just to mess with me. I'm going to try and write it anyway, but without the motivation of NaNo to spur me on I may not do very well.

Ho Ho Ho!

Happy Boxing Day!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. We did and now we have enough alcohol and chocolate to last us into June. Knowing my family though we should get through it long before then. Maybe we'll still have some in the new year if we're lucky.

In true family tradition we played Trivial Pursuit today, which lasted a few hours. I won, which was pretty awesome cos I came from behind to snatch victory from the two people who had got all their wedges way before me and had had many, many attempts at the final question.

I may be slightly drunk right now cos we also had one of my Christmas presents, a bottle of champagne, while playing and Dad and I have now moved on to the Bundaberg rum. Yay Australia!
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I am Winnar Part II

You know the Channel 4 Show Codex? (If not, well there's a show on Channel 4 called Codex. Kind of a cross between a history quiz and codebreaking.) I entered the competition on their website and am the lucky winner of various British Museum goodies!

I now have:

The British Museum Quiz Book
A book of Ancient Games
How To Read Egyptian Hieroglyphs book
The Tale of Peter Rabbit. In hieroglyphs.
Codex pencils
Codex magnet set

Fancy, no? And reading hieroglyphs is hard...