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Joseph, Codes and a Quiz.

On Tuesday I went to see the new production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and it was brilliant. Last time I saw this musical was over ten years ago when Lee Mead was in the title role (and wow, now I really feel old!) This time Joseph was played by a total newcomer, who was excellent, but the main names were Sheridan Smith as the Narrator and Jason Donovan as Pharaoh. Both clearly having a whale of a time! The whole production was so much fun and it completely embraced the kind of musical Joseph is, never taking itself too seriously. I wouldn't mind seeing it again but it's completely sold out now, so I was lucky I got tickets when I did.

And I'm really glad I got to see a production with Jason Donovan in, even if he wasn't playing Joseph himself. I was also a huge fan of the giant guitar playing Egyptian gods that were in the Song of the King set piece!

Then yesterday I went to the Science Museum cos I was interested in their Top Secret Codes and Ciphers exhibit. It was pretty interesting, although I was disappointed that all the puzzles were aimed at children. I had been hoping for some codes to try and work out myself. The rest of the Science Museum was pretty cool too. I forgot how big that place is and managed to spend about five hours there in total.

And last night my friends and I did the pub quiz. It was great to see people again, and we won which made it all the better!
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The Crystal Maze

As someone who was around in the UK in the 90s I of course watched and loved The Crystal Maze and often wished that I could go on myself. Well, on Saturday that wish was granted as my pub quiz team and I went into London to go to The Crystal Maze Live Experience. I was so nervous going into it cos I feared I was going to do absolutely terribly and make a huge fool of myself and have an awful time. Fortunately that did not happen.

It was just like I imagined going on the TV show would be. The four zones were all there; Medieval, Futuristic, Industrial, and Aztec and we got to play four games in each one. As there were seven of us in the group most of us only got to play two games each. I took on a Mystery in the Medieval zone, which I was very happy about cos the Medieval zone was always my favourite and the game itself was one where you had to solve a series of clues which I loved doing, and I won the crystal. The second game I played was a Skill game in the Aztec zone. This involved playing shuffleboard against the Aztec God. If I had any idea about shuffleboard I might have done better, but as it was I lost 3-2 so did not get a second crystal.

Overall our team won seven crystals, but we had to hand two back over the course of the maze cos two of the guys got locked in. We immediately bought them out both times cos we're nice like that. (Interestingly enough it was the captain and the vice-captain who got locked in so I wonder what would have happened if we'd decided to leave them both. Anarchy I suppose.)

The dome itself was probably the only disappointing part. The fans weren't great so the tokens weren't really flying around, they were all concentrated in one small area. And the whole thing was almost like an afterthought. Probably because there weren't any actual prizes to be won, so it didn't matter how many tokens we got. (Which is a good thing cos we did pretty badly, getting something like 68 or so...)

Of course I had to buy a crystal from the gift shop and I plan to proudly display it cos even though I may have never been on the TV show, I still have a crystal that I got from being in The Crystal Maze and I think that's pretty cool.
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Three Days in London

Last week saw the Lateral Drinkers come second in the pub quiz. Not a bad result, but I can't help but feel we should have done better.

The next evening we all went to a Bletchley-themed cocktail bar, which was a lot of fun. We overthought it quite a bit though, trying to solve puzzles and codes where none actually existed, and I'm a bit disappointed that we didn't get told what our cocktails actually were at the end. Still, it was a very good evening.

On Friday Paul and I went to the ABBA Super Troupers exhibition at the Southbank Centre. I had no idea what to expect but it turned out to be a brilliant little tour through the band's career via various immersive rooms including a 1970s living room, the hotel room they stayed in before winning Eurovision, a recording studio, and an aeroplane!

I then returned home on the Saturday to a weekend of jigsaw-building and Bones rewatching. I'm currently on season 4, so there's a long way to go!
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Week Off

I've just had a week off work during which I did very little other than build Lego, put together jigsaws, and re-watch Brooklyn Nine Nine. It was glorious. But now work is upon me again and, if today was any indication, I'm going to be absolutely worn out by the time Christmas comes around.

Speaking of Christmas, I've decided to embrace the festive spirit rather than moan about how early it is. I don't care that it's only November, I've already had five different festive drinks from various coffee shops, two fruit pies (cos I don't like mince pies) and have started my Christmas shopping. I'm hoping to get it all done by December so I can properly relax and enjoy Christmassy things like baking gingerbread and watching every Christmas episode of every TV show ever made.

Of course I didn't just stay at home during my week off. I went up to London last weekend to watch fireworks and then my pub quiz team and I went to Brighton to do an escape room, which we absolutely smashed with 19 minutes to spare. We didn't do quite so well on Wednesday when we came second in the quiz, just one point behind the winners, but I suppose we can't win them all. Dammit.
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Off to London

I'm heading off to London in a couple of hours to go to the pub quiz this evening and then tomorrow Paul and I are going to the Secret Cinema Moulin Rouge event. I'm really looking forward to it but I'm also really nervous cos I didn't realise quite how much audience participation was involved! Still, I'm hoping that it'll be fun and I'm going to try my best to throw myself into it and not hide away. The character I've been assigned is a rather horrible snob, so we'll see if it's true that playing baddies is more fun!

I also got my hair cut and I mentioned that I would be going to a Moulin Rouge themed party so she styled it for me. It looks so good but I fear it won't last until tomorrow evening:

Collapse )

Also, that photo is completely unedited. I just managed to catch the light in such a way to wash out all of my imperfections.
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Second Place!

Pub quiz yesterday went well. We were only a team of four this week but we still managed to come second, so yay for that! =D

I didn't spend long in London this morning. I walked along the river to Kingston and had a quick look in the shops before heading back. I was home before midday and then spent a lot of this afternoon making Christmas cards. I'm actually really pleased with how they've turned out and am very much looking forward to sending them to people!

Onto the November meme:

14. If someone offered you $1,000 to give up your cell phone for a year, would you do it?

Probably not, to be honest. Not because I'm a phone-addict (which I don't think I am. I still use pay-as-you-go and can go months without topping up.) but because it's so important to me to know I have a way to contact people. If I'm meeting up with someone it means we can let each other know where we are or if we're running late or if something has happened and plans need to change. When I had trouble with the trains on Sunday it was so useful to be able to call home and explain the situation and work out my next move. It's so freeing and reassuring to know I have that method of communication and I don't think I could give it up.

Wednesday Already?

I have this week off work and had all these plans of things I wanted to do, but now I'm just spending most of my time online. And going out. I'm off to the pub quiz again later today and I'm not sure what time I'll be back tomorrow. Hopefully it won't be too late and I'll get some stuff done then. I do like the pub quiz and it'll be lovely to go to one and not have to get up at 5am the next morning, but part of me was really looking forward to a few days uninterrupted at home to build jigsaws and make Christmas cards and watch films.

Anyway, I'm going to answer three of the November topics again today to try and catch up a bit more cos otherwise I can see myself answering these questions into next year!

11. If you could move anywhere, where would it be?

Probably London. I already live pretty close and go fairly regularly, but I'm still far enough out that it takes a while to get there and I have to get a lift to the station. I'd love to live somewhere with such good public transport that I was confident I'd be able to go where I wanted without having to rely on someone else. And there is so much to do in London.

12. If you could anonymously ban any pet peeve, what would it be?

People using 'immaculate conception' wrong. Jesus was not conceived by immaculate conception, Mary was. And it involved her parents having sex. The immaculate conception and the virgin birth are two different things, so stop throwing around the term when talking about pregnant girls who say they're virgins. It drives me up the wall!

13. If you could gain any skill/talent, what would it be?

To sing well. I've always loved singing and was in various choirs throughout school, college, and university, but I was never that good and always tried to hide my voice. I'd love to have been able to properly join in with confidence. And I always wanted to be in musicals. Still do, really.
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Is It Bed Time Yet?

I'm tired. So very tired. And to add insult to injury we didn't even win the quiz! It was so close though. We came joint third with 36 points, behind two teams who both scored 37! What makes it even more frustrating is that we had two questions where we put down an answer then changed it but our original answers were correct. If only we'd stuck with our first guesses we would have won. Dammit.

Now I'm just working on staying awake for the next couple of hours. I don't want to go to bed too early cos I don't want to mess up my sleep schedule, but it's so tempting.

But no, I shall resist. I shall answer the next question on the November meme instead.

Topic 7. Favorite picture of yourself:

I don't generally like pictures of myself, but I am quite fond of this one from my graduation:

no title

I hate my official graduation photo, so I'm very glad to have this one as well. I'm the one with long hair, which looks rather nice here I feel.
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I Make Good Choices

I slept so badly last night that going to a pub quiz this evening would be a really stupid idea. But apparently I'm a really stupid person. I just hope I don't fall asleep in the middle of it. Or oversleep tomorrow morning. Or both.