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Snowman and Santa

Yay Christmas!

Less than two weeks to Christmas now, so I think it's safe to say we are officially in the festive season. I've changed to the Christmas icon and theme for my LJ. If I knew where my USB fairy lights were I'd have them round my laptop screen right now, but I don't and that makes me sad. Maybe I'll find them tomorrow when I continue decorating.

Today I dressed the tree. I'm like the Christmas fairy. People left the house with a bare tree in the living room and when they came back -bam- all pretty and decorated. The good thing about being the only person to do it is that all my decorations get to have pride of place at the top. Although, having said that, most of the decorations are mine anyway. Sometimes I think my family doesn't appreciate Christmas like I do.

London was good, although the Winter Wonderland was disappointing. It was too busy to enjoy it properly and we made a quick escape without actually doing anything. But no matter, other things were good. I got quite a lot of shopping done and I met Ian Hislop and Professor Brian Cox. All in all, a pretty successful trip.

Now I think it's about time to start my Christmas viewing. I shall have to make a list of appropriate films and TV episodes that I've got on DVD and work my way through them. All I know at the moment is that I'll be watching Muppet Christmas Carol on Christmas Eve because it's my tradition and I love it.


Greetings DUDES and DUDETTES. Another FRIDAY is upon us, and that means another CAPSLOCK post. Today is a SPECIAL Friday since it is my LAST Friday of being 25.

Tomorrow I am going to see AVENUE Q for the THIRD time. Apparently NOBODY at my work has heard of this particular musical and my attempts to EXPLAIN what is is have resulted in everyone I work with thinking I am going to see PUPPET PORN.

Lately I have been feeling very TIRED and CONFUSED and CLUMSY. I'm sure most people now think I'm completely INCOMPETENT.

I have SHINY new ICONS. I still want MORE.
Xena Fuck You


Hello friends, acquaintances and people who are lost on the way to someone else's journal. This is going to be a very nonsensical entry filled with pointless complaining and CAPSLOCK OF RAGE and also CAPSLOCK OF RANDOM EMPHASIS and quite possibly CAPSLOCK OF MAKING SENTENCES SOUND BETTER BY HAVING THREE EXAMPLES INSTEAD OF TWO.

First I must share with you all the fact that I am LE TIRED. This is because I began work at 9 today and, other than my hour's lunch (MMM SUBWAY GOODNESS) I didn't stop until 5:30. "But crystalcazzie" I hear you say, "Most people work from 9 till 5:30." And this is true, but unlike a lot of those people, my job involves walking almost constantly and carrying stuff. Often heavy stuff. Thanks to my job I now consider anything under 20kg to be LIGHT.

So my LEGS HURT. And my FEET HURT. And I have loads of bruises because I am apparently as clumsy as Bella Swan and keep walking into things. Heavy things. Sometimes metal things. I also have a plaster on my finger cos last night I managed to grate a chunk of it off. There was BLOOD. On the one hand this shows that the 99p Argos grater I bought for 89p is very SHARP and that is GOOD. On the other hand it shows that I should not cook for myself because I can't be trusted around sharp implements and, again, that I am like BELLA FUCKING SWAN. This is NOT A GOOD THING.

Also, I'm NOT DRUNK. I'm NOT EVEN DRINKING. This must be rectified immediately because it is FRIDAY and I'm on the verge of KILLING SOMEONE.


You can probably guess that that is supposed to represent me getting a drink. I now have RUM AND COKE. Actually I have RUM AND PEPSI but that doesn't sound as sophisticated. This means I have been PLACATED and my icon is no longer representative of my general mood, but I shall keep it anyway because Xena is AWESOME.

There was less CAPSLOCK OF RAGE in this entry than I had originally planned, because I am paranoid over the TINY TINY TINY CHANCE that someone from work will find this journal. It's more FUN without the RAGE anyway.
Autumn Leaves

Happy Equinox

I have a shiny new journal theme to celebrate the fact that it's officially autumn and I love autumn.

Pretty leaves, Halloween, Bonfire Night, fireworks, NaNo, the run up to Christmas and simply sitting inside looking out the window as the weather turns bad. What's not to love?

Summer pretty much sucked for me, but it's autumn now and I am determined that autumn is going to be great.
Reason for the Season

Ho Ho Ho and All That

I think it's time to start using my Christmas icon.

We decorated the house this weekend. The tree is a lot better than the one we had last year and looks very pretty all lit up. The kitten has already managed to climb up it and launch himself off into the door to the conservatory.

I still don't feel very Christmassy though and it's only nine days away now. Perhaps I should watch more films. The Muppet Christmas Carol is always a good choice, plus I have Miracle on 34th Street and The Santa Clause trilogy as well.

I'm also going to do my best not to let work turn me into a Scrooge next week. I fear the potential for that is very high.
Grissom Sex Hat

Cookies and Rum

Baking was good. Icing was pretty heavy on the alcohol, but that's what you get when I'm the one who controls how much rum goes in. My family seemed to like the biscuits I brought back too.

The rest of the day was a lot of fun as well, especially tipsy internetting. Which brings me to my next point, William Petersen wants you to stop being bad. Seriously. Watch the video. And I defy you not to react at the end:

Clicky here. He's the third video.

Goes well with my new icon, doesn't it?
Prison Break Hammock Sex Note

Yoinked from Zero

Reply to this post, and I will tell you my favorite icon of yours.
Then post this to your own journal using your own favorite icon.

It's hard to pick a favourite out of all my icons, but this one still makes me laugh.
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