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Tasty Tulips

I noticed the other day that my tulips had successfully grown again this year. That's is the fourth year in a row and I was feeling very pleased about it. I wanted to take a photo but they were still rather closed, so I decided to wait a bit. Well, I went out with my phone today to find them gone. Vanished. Not a flower to be seen. Looking at the ragged bits of green left in the pot I'm assuming that some creature has come along and eaten them, which is something that's never happened before. I'm disappointed that I didn't get my picture, but glad that I did see them a few days ago, otherwise I'd probably be thinking that they failed to grow at all this year.
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An August Month

So, another month has passed by at lightning speed. Wasn't it July just yesterday? How are we at the tail end of August already? Have we fallen into some trans-dimensional time warp where the laws of physics no longer apply and nothing means anything any more? Quite possibly, yes.

The weather has been fun too. First off we had a couple of weeks of that hideous heatwave which made sleeping pretty much impossible even with a fan pointed directly at me all night. Then last week we had so much rain that it came in through the conservatory roof and ruined a box of old pictures. Fortunately they were mostly just decorative pictures that had come from my grandparents' home and didn't have any sentimental value, but the fact that the conservatory leaks at all is worrying.

We're also coming to the end of season for my blackberry bushes, which is weird cos I'm sure I remember getting loads in September when I was younger, but I suppose that's due to the climate getting hotter as the years have gone on. I managed to make two crumbles with what I picked and they were both very nice, so I feel like I made the most of the fruit that was there. Now I need to cut the bushes back, which is going to be a bit of a job cos I let them get rather more out of hand than I should have done. Ah well, something to do on my upcoming week off I suppose, since it's not like I'll be going anywhere!

And finally, I got to go see my dentist a couple of weeks ago cos I had a hole in my tooth. I thought maybe a filling had come out, but turns out I'd managed to break off a piece of tooth instead. So I got a new filling yesterday, which meant I had the fun of a half-numb mouth for a few hours, and now I have the constant worry that it's going to come loose at any moment. Hopefully I'll get over that soon!
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All Happening in July

Since the end of March I haven't really gone anywhere except work, but in the last couple of weeks I've ventured further afield to give blood and go to the hairdresser. Not at the same time, of course, that would be weird. Or possibly really efficient...

I was a bit wary of how the blood doning would go, but it was pretty much the same as usual. The only differences were the load of questions they asked before I was even allowed into the hall and having to wear a mask, which is becoming the norm now anyway. Other than that it all went smoothly. It was a bit quicker than usual as well and I do wonder if they'd cancelled some appointments in order to have fewer people to deal with.

The hairdresser too was mostly the same, but all the screens did feel a bit odd. It was like I was getting my hair cut in a little cubicle. But the end results weren't bad:

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It was Mum's birthday a week and a half ago too and as has now become tradition, I made her work for her presents:

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And finally, I spend a lot of time fighting with the blackberry bush in the garden cos it just wants to grow and grow and take over the planet. Sometimes I'm tempted to just chop the whole thing down and get rid of it completely. But then this time of year comes around and I remember why I like it so much...

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I had thought about baking something with them but they tasted so good I just ate them all. Maybe I'll bake with the next lot. It really does make the bush worth keeping, especially considering how horrible the supermarket blackberries were that I tried recently.
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It's finally Friday! Yay! I'm completely worn out from this week at work and am very much looking forward to two days of doing absolutely nothing but building jigsaw puzzles and watching Leverage. I had been thinking that I should be productive and do some gardening this weekend cos the plants are getting a bit out of hand, but then the sky decided to open and a ridiculous amount of water decided to rain down upon us today so that's probably not going to happen. What a shame.

It is a bit of an abrupt change in weather though. It was lovely and sunny yesterday. I went outside to take my picture of the day and ended up making friends with the neighbours' cat. He was walking up our garden and I thought he would run away when he saw me, but he came up and rubbed his face against my hand and let me stroke him while he rolled around in the sun. It was very sweet. I hope he's somewhere warm and dry at the moment.

So yes, my plan for this weekend involves watching a lot of my latest binge-watch, Leverage. After watching through The Mentalist twice in a row I thought I should probably go for something else before cycling round a third time! Leverage came highly recommended by someone on Tumblr, although it has taken me a long time to actually get around to watching it. At first I was a bit unsure, I thought it was ok but not great, but I'm loving it more and more as it goes on. So far I've avoided reading fic for it but I'm sure it's only a matter of time before I get sucked into that too. Especially since the show has two couples that I'm shipping equally at the moment - Sophie/Nate and Parker/Hardison. I'm also being very good at avoiding spoilers so far and hopefully that will continue.
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Today is officially my ten year anniversary at work. I know this because I have a certificate thanking me for ten years service! I also have a £50 gift card to buy myself a present, and money for food to celebrate. We used some of the money on Tuesday to get pizza delivered and plan to do the same next week, so that's pretty cool. =D

I'm not yet sure what I'm going to buy as my present. I want it to be something special so I don't want to rush into choosing something for the sake of it. I'm hoping that Christmas will bring exciting new stock and give me some ideas.

Also this week I've been spending a lot of time in the garden. The blackberry bushes have been getting a bit out of hand so I've been cutting them back and pulling out the stems that have been taking root in the ground wherever they touch it. I hadn't realised just how easy it is for brambles to spread that way, but hopefully now I know we can keep on top of them.

I also planted the tulip bulbs I bought in Amsterdam. I've put them in pots with brand new soil so hopefully they'll do well. I did go for the variety that promised to be easy to grow and I hope that's going to be the case!
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Happy Birthday To Me !

I have returned from London! I do plan to make a proper entry about my trip when I get a chance, but I just wanted to pop online today to mark my birthday and re-introduce the epic poem of birthday brilliance that I have sadly neglected for the last few years...

It was pretty cool being thirty three
(Like the pilot episode of BSG)
But thirty four is also neat
A Miracle happened on that Street

I have a lot of awesome presents, including a hedgehog house that I'm going to have to find a place for out in the garden, and the Dr Eleventh Mr Man book, which is really the story of River and Eleven on a fun- and danger-filled date and I love that!

So now I shall sign off and enjoy the glass of cava I am currently drinking to celebrate the occasion of my birth. Cheers!
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Weekly Round-up

It's FRIDAY! Possibly even CAPSLOCK FRIDAY if I decide I want to revive this tradition from eight years ago.

I may even start a NEW tradition of doing a weekly round-up. Or maybe not. I'm doing one now cos this week has actually been pretty good:

Sunday - Rob's birthday. He and Meg came down for the weekend, which was very nice. The three of us chatted about Game of Thrones, which I am still annoyingly behind on, but I did enjoy being able to talk about it with other people who actually watch the show. And we all watched the announcement of Jodie Whittaker as the next Doctor. The general consensus was positive, although we all have different opinions on who the best Doctor so far has been (Me: Smith, Meg: Tennant, Mum: Eccleston, Rob: No opinion.)

Monday - Blood doning. I was worried they weren't going to take my blood cos the nurse did the haemoglobin test three times, but it was fine in the end. Actually I think it was fine the first time cos I really don't think it moved back up at all, but the nurse wasn't sure so she did it again. The second one got caught at the top, but the third one went down perfectly.

Tuesday - Mum's birthday. I gave her a bee hotel, which we have now hung up in the garden. It's south-facing and under a bit of shelter, so I hope the bees will approve.

Wednesday - Throwing Stuff Away Day. We'd stalled a bit on clearing the house so I was glad to get more done. We threw away two boxes full of old junk that Dad had kept because he thought it might be useful. Unfortunately a reluctance to throw anything away is a family trait that has been passed on to me, but I'm trying to do better. At least with this stuff there was no temptation to keep it cos it was totally useless to me.

Thursday - Not a huge amount happened, but I did show my age and had a nap when I got in from work.

Friday - Baked cakes for the bake sale at work tomorrow. I'm not working myself, but I am planning to head in fairly early and drop them off. I made 24 but have kept some back for Mum and me. Just to make sure they're of good enough quality to take in, of course. I wouldn't want to have my name associated with poor quality baked goods.

And now I am sitting here writing this while drinking Apothic Dark wine and listening to the rain outside. It feels wonderfully autumnal, which is perhaps not appropriate for July but then I did eat a perfectly ripe blackberry the other day, so who knows what's going on any more.