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X Men

Sarah and I went to see X Men III yesterday. I felt like I should write down my initial thoughts about it. So here they are:

When it comes to the X Men movies I have a OTP, namely Logan/Rogue. Now I went into it fully aware that the chances of them actually getting together were about as good as Halle Berry's acting but I was still disappointed at their complete lack of interaction except for one small scene.

I did not buy Logan's love for Jean for one minute. They had zero chemistry together and it all felt quite ridiculous. I think Sarah put it perfectly when we were talking about the previous films and she said that it felt like two siblings trying to get it on.

One person we both felt Logan had good chemistry with was Cyclops, and that scene in the hallway where he tells him that they have to move on felt more charged than anything with Jean. Shame they killed poor Scotty boy so early on. Although it was quite funny that no one seemed to notice until Logan brought it up quite a bit later!

Another scene that was amusingly gay was the beginning where the Professor and Erik are going to Jean's house. They were so much like a couple coming to pick up their adopted child. But then Erik/Charles is not a surprise pairing, it's so obvious they were lovers before they were enemies.

Speaking of Charles, I would like to be smug at this point. Before the film came out there was a bit in the trailer of the big funeral scene. Everyone seemed to assume it was for Jean but I thought it looked bigger than that and my theory was that it was for the professor. I was right, go me! I didn't predict who would kill him though, that was surprising.

Storm was annoying. She kept popping up in every scene and I kept wishing someone would shoot her in the head. Alas, no one did and she survived to the end. I think she should have been killed by a gang of angry hairdressers. Storm's hair is white. Not grey with stupid black stripes. White. And long. My Halle Berry/Storm hate knows no bounds, mainly because Storm was my favourite character before the films and now I can't stand her.

Another character I really liked before the films was Beast, so I was quite worried they'd ruin him too but I thought he turned out ok. I was so pleased they had him reading while hanging upside down and they got him to say "oh my stars and garters." Yay for Beast!

Who was the Prince wannabe that shockingly turned out to be a woman?

I was kinda disappointed that Rogue took the cure, but more so that they sidelined her into a pathetic jealously storyline. Why was she with Bobby in the first place? There's another couple with no chemistry and nothing that would seem to indicate they were anything more than friends. He was much better with Kitty, even if she did look like she was about 12.

Because the people sitting next to us took so long to leave Sarah and I decided to stay till the end of the credits. It's a good thing too, otherwise we would have missed Professor Xavier putting his hypothetical ethical question into practice.

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