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RIP Breeze

My mum phoned me yesterday with sad news, they decided to have Breeze put to sleep. It'll be weird not having her around, she's been a part of our family for most of my life. Still, 16 years is a very long life for a dog and I think she had a good one. She always seemed quite happy snoozing in her chair or chasing after a balloon for hours, even after the rest of us had given up.

I can still remember the day we got her, Dad and I went to the rescue centre to pick her up. She was so shy and scared at first but pretty soon embraced the idea that she ruled the house, despite what the silly humans around her may think. I know Mum wanted a border collie because when we looked after Megan she would jump on my brother and me to get us up for school. Unfortunately for her, Breeze just jumped up and went to sleep with us.

She also wouldn't fetch a tennis ball or a stick, but she loved to play in the field with a football. We eventually had to switch to basketballs cos she kept popping the footballs with her teeth! Although later on she lost most of her teeth, an occurence that was probably expedited by her biting doors and door handles. She hated the living room door being closed, she really hated it. If it was, she would try to open it by jumping up and grabbing the door handle with her mouth. And when she was upset she would bite the side of the door. I'm not sure why but I do know we ended up with rather a large part of it missing before it was replaced.

When we first got her, she hated being taken in the car. She would dribble like crazy, it was really quite disgusting. But then later on she would bound to the door if Mum picked up her car keys, she always wanted to be taken along. To be honest I think it was more about going with Mum than being in the car, but she seemed to like the journey too. She would settle down in the footwell, or the seat if she could get away with it, and lie there happily.

There's a chair in our living room, it's covered in dog hair and the whole family knows that that is Breeze's chair. No one else is to sit in it, it's where she sleeps. It'll be hard to see it again and know that she won't be sleeping in it any more.

It'll be hard not to come downstairs to see her lying in the hall, completely trusting that none of us will tread on her. It'll be hard not to have her appear at the kitchen at 6pm for dinner, or at whenever time she decides she wishes to be fed. It'll be hard not being able to sit with her, just stroking and talking to her. She was always good to talk to, even if she gave you the "what are you on about now, you crazy human?" look.

I'm glad that I was able to say goodbye to her when I came back to uni and tell her that she was a wonderful dog and that I loved her very much.

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