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The Men in White Coats are on Standby

Ah, the familiar embrace of exam-induced insanity. I feel it envelop me now.

First exam is Saturday and I'm currently feeling quite confident about it, which of course worries me more than if I knew nothing.

Then I have two more weeks before Greek, which is good cos I do know nothing. We have sessions every Thursday to help us but all they really leave me with is a headache, mainly because the other people are so loud. I am thisclose to bashing Keren's head in with her own Bible. Seriously. The girl does not shut up. It doesn't matter if it isn't her turn, or if the question was directed at the teacher, or if the teacher is trying to explain something or if two people are having a conversation that has nothing to do with her, or if nobody is supposed to be talking anyway, she will still talk. Loudly.

But what does this matter since I still don't know if I'm graduating anyway. I'm hopeful since the only teacher that I know for sure is part of the strike has actually marked our coursework now. I read that the university is considering giving out unclassified degrees to students affected. That is in no way fair since a unclassified basically says "I wasn't good enough to even get a third". But again, I am hopeful since the exams are all still going ahead so it shouldn't be too difficult to mark them once the strike is resolved.

But for now my main concern is getting through the next few weeks without stabbing myself with those little wooden skewers. And not failing horribly.

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