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Aelfgyfu/Cnut 4EVA!!!!

Ah revision. How much do I hate thee?

I've spent today working on the succession crisis of the tenth and eleventh centuries in England, leading up to the Battle of Hastings.

Did you know that Aelfgyfu married Aethelred, who then married Aelfgyfu, who then married Cnut, who was having a relationship with Aelfgyfu? Sometimes I think history should be made into a soap opera. Would probably make it easier to remember.

And yes, they are ALL DIFFERENT AELFGYFUS! The second one is a bit easier, her name is actually Emma but apparently 'Emma' was too difficult a word for the Anglo Saxons at the time so they decided to call her the much simpler name of Aelfgyfu.

In other news, I spoke to my mother yesterday and they haven't had Breeze put to sleep yet. I'm also faced with my first non-paying bidder on ebay since the eCheque he sent didn't clear and now I've had to email him and I really don't need this right around exam time.

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