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Doing Non-Essay Related Things!

I met up with some friends yesterday. Turns out people I knew at school have been busy lately; getting jobs, getting engaged, being paedophiles. Just shows the high caliber of people produced by the kind of schools I go to. (I can't help but think about another school I attended...where both the caretaker and headmaster were later arrested.)

In better news, Sarah-Jane is engaged. People my age getting married feels weird.

Then Paul and I went to Guildford and planned for Canada. I'm looking forward to this trip so much! We now have a list of various cities we want to go to and plan to get from place to place via the big fancy train that goes across the country. I've also told him that when we're there I have to try Molson. I keep reading about Logan drinking it in X Men fanfiction (in fact in most stories he seems to be quite obsessed!) and I want to see what it's like.

But before that we have to meet up again soon for Ben & Jerry's ice cream shakes.

Speaking of ice cream, when we're in Canada we have to find a Dairy Queen. I really want to try their Blizzards.

Earlier today I posted the ebay items people bought. I've worked out that taking fees and postage into account I have currently made a profit of £1.51. Not great, but at least it's a profit.

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