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I can't seem to get to sleep, probably because my mind won't turn off. So I've given in to it and have decided to write a review of the new Doctor Who. If it makes no sense that's because it's nearly 6am and I should have been asleep hours ago.

First of all, let me make it clear - I loved the first series of the new Doctor Who. I'm a big new Who fan and as such is pains me to admit that I thought this first episode of the brand new series was...rather crap.

I will admit that I was rather wary going in. First of all, Christopher Eccleston is my Doctor and I'm not sure any other can live up to him, however I decided to go into it with an open mind. After all, it would be rather childish to refuse to stop watching an excellent program simply because the main actor has changed. The other reason I was wary of it is that I saw The Christmas Invasion a few months ago and thought that was...rather crap too.

Now, I'm a big Sci-fi fan and as such can accept many weird and outlandish storylines but the pseudo-medical rubbish we were expected to believe in this is just too much. It made no sense, was full of holes and felt like bad fanfiction brought to the screen. My problems with it are as follows:

*Why didn't the infected humans die just like the people they touched? Even if there was something keeping them alive in the pods, shouldn't they have keeled over as soon as they were let out?

*Why were the humans all infected with every disease anyway? Surely when trying to find a cure for one disease you'd need a clean subject that was infected with that disease only, the presence of another would skew the results. It would have made far more sense to use only groups of humans at a time.

*How exactly was the cure supposed to work? I can accept the intravenous fluids not being given intravenously by assuming that the disinfectant of the lift worked in some weird futuristic way (although I think I'm giving them too much credit here) but are we really supposed to believe that a person can be cured of every disease in the world simply by touching someone who has been cured already? If that were the case there'd be no need for hospitals. All doctors would need to do is douse themselves in some of the Doctor's magic cure-all potion and touch anyone who comes in with an illness.

Another problem I had was with David Tennant. I know I said I would give him a chance, and for the most part he did really well. My criticism is with the scenes where he got angry due to the threat to Rose. Christopher Eccleston played scenes like that amazingly, you could really feel how much he cared for her. David Tennant was not so convincing. I think if I had just seen his portrayal I would have been impressed, it's the unfortunate fact that I have a better portrayal to compare his to.

One aspect of the episode I did like was Rose as Cassandra. I thought Billie Piper played it exceptionally well and yes, I was highly amused by the 'chavtastic' comment. It's good to know that five million years in the future people will still be using early twenty first century colloquialisms.

I also appreciated the bit at the beginning, where you could still see the faint outline of the word "wolf" on the ground. Very nice.


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