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A Message For All To Hear:

I am mocked! Mocked by my family for spending all day in bed! This wouldn't be so bad if I actually had spent all day in bed rather than spending hours working on my essay but as I'm sure you're aware by the tone of this entry, that was not the case.

Oh, woe! Woe for the unappreciated! Woe for she who spends hours toiling and somehow manages to come away with only a few sides of A4 to show for her efforts. Woe for she who doesn't really care about the differences between the Jesus-figure and the Christ-figure yet is compelled to write about them anyway. Woe! Woe I say!

Some day I will rise above the mockery. Some day I will look down on those around me and they will tremble at my might. On this day there will be no more ridiculing of those who work so hard their pen bump looks like a weird ball sticking out of their finger. On this day the pen bump will be a sign of honour! It will be revered. As will RSI of course, for this day will surely occur in the time of technology.

So hear me friends, join not in the ridicule but rather align yourselves with the writers! For it is us who shall be victorious. Us who shall conquer. And us who shall last.

Make my words, this is where the revolution begins.

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