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*waves* *falls over*

I am quite, quite drunk.

This is what happens when I have no one to drink my fizzy wine with me, I end up having the whole bottle to myself and since I'm a lightweight anyway you can imagine how that turns out.

I wish the term was over, I'm so tired. I was doing Greek in the library yesterday and felt so close to crying cos it was too much. It wasn't even that difficult but it still really got to me.

I'm so afraid I'm going to fail Greek. I keep telling myself I passed Latin so I can't be that hopeless.

Sorry, the alcohol is getting to me and I'm not entirely sure what I'm saying, it's also very distracting to have to keep going back and correcting my typing so what I am writing probably makes very little sense.

I should go now, before I say something really stupid. Bye bye.

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