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Hello People

Over a week since I last updated. I really must do better.

The main news is that Paul came to visit me from Monday to Wednesday. Much fun was had and much money was spent. It was really good to see him again and I had a great time, I even discovered a whole new part of Herne Bay that I didn't realise was there before.

Then he left, and I was sad. I went to the Music Society AGM to vote for Kate for president. She won and none of the other positions required any voting cos only the amount needed, or fewer, were interested. Then I got the bus back and as I was sitting on the top deck minding my own business the back window smashed in. Weirdness.

I also voted in the main student elections on Thursday. Since I shouldn't be here next year all I'm really doing is foisting these people on poor, unsuspecting Freshers. Heh.

I've written my theological interpretation of Chocolat so now I just need to finish it off with last minute adjustments and corrections. Which is one of the reasons why I came into uni today but it turns out there are no books on the Mayans anyway. Normally I never make the word count, I struggle to get anywhere near it in fact. My last essay was supposed to be 6,000 words and came in around 3,500. But not this time, this time I have gone zooming past the 2,500 word count and am currently on 3209. I hope he won't mind too much.

I've enjoyed writing this actually, it takes me back to English Literature. I can go on and on about what I think this means or that signifies. It's fun. The trouble is that I've put so much of myself into this essay I think I'll be crushed if it doesn't do well. With the others I'd just be disappointed, this would really hurt me.

Of course I need to actually get it finished first, and hopefully not too much longer than it already is!

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