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Fun with Fashion

Today I am going to turn to the very girlie topic of Oscar dresses. I watched the countdown of Best Dressed on the Sky Three highlights and read the Winners and Losers section in the Guardian on Tuesday and I have two main points to make:

Number One: Keira Knightley. What was that hideous fishtailed monstrosity and more importantly how did it manage to make number on on the Sky list and be included in Winners in the Guardian? It was horrible! It's a good thing she didn't win best actress, she'd never have made it up the steps to the stage!

Number Two: Reese Witherspoon. Made number three on the Sky list and was in the Losers section on the Guardian. The LOSERS! How can you put her in the losers? I loved that dress, I covet that dress and if I didn't think it would cost my entire student loan I would go out and find that dress. Or at least a similar one. I can't have that actual one cos she got it from a vintage shop in Paris. (Yes I have been looking it up.)

In other news I think I'm on some kind of secret drugs. After getting through Sing on Tuesday feeling very spacy and out of it, today I found my hand shaking as I was trying to write the course evaluation form for Greek. It is highly odd and quite disconcerting. So if you're the one giving me the drugs, please stop. Or at least tell me what they are.

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