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Stories, Sunlight and Pentacles.

I have officially started my course. I've done activities 1.1 - 1.3, the latter of which involved posting my opinions on a couple of short story passages. Not surprisingly it took me ages to actually post my thoughts and I've decided not to go back until tomorrow when I will hopefully feel less stupid.

I want to go to my room, it's lovely and sunny up there and dark and depressing in the living room. I mentioned this to Mum, about getting the internet up there, and she said she wanted to see me and didn't want me to hide in my room. I can kinda understand that, but this room really is miserable!

I'm looking at pentacles on ebay. But it feels so impersonal to buy something so important from there. I suppose I could ask Dad to fix my old one but it's been soldered before and I'm not sure it would be possible to put it back together the way it's broken.

And in case you're wondering, yes I have wondered if it's breaking has some spiritual significance but since the spirit point detached from all the other elements the only thing I can come up with is I'm going to die. Most likely it has no significance beyond the fact that I handle it too much.

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