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This Week...

Hello people. I have been sadly lacking in livejournal updates this past week so I shall now give you all a quick rundown of the highlights:

Friday was the Sing performance before the concert. We were quite good. A little slip during Crazy Little Thing Called Love was a bit disappointing but the others went well and Rhythm of Life was very good. The audience seemed to like that one the best too.

Then was Bill's birthday meal where I think I knew about four people, but I did have the opportunity to meet new ones including the marvellous Pooka with whom we had a fun evening. I also liked our little vegetarian corner. It made me feel special.

Meal was followed by pub, which was followed by trip to Asda for more alcohol and ice cream, which was followed by Have I Got News For You drinking game which mainly involved drinking regardless of what was happening on the DVD and a few token 'drink now's to keep up the pretence of actually playing a game.

Then I got to sleep on the floor with Bill. Yay.

Saturday we went into town, said goodbye to Pooka and I finally returned to my own house. Sunday was pretty uninteresting.

On Monday I started the pile of Greek I had to do. I did most of the Review Questions but refuse to do the last three on the grounds that they're stupid. I met up with Sarah and ended up missing the last bus back to Herne Bay so spent the night at her house watching DVDs before returning to my own at 7am.

Tuesday I spent a lot of time sleeping, followed by Sing not being on and going back to Bill's house to continue consuming the ice cream and scotch purchased on Friday. More DVDs were watched and drunken ramblings soon followed. I also discovered the greatness that is Black Books. I have no idea how that managed to pass me by for so long.

And that brings us to today. During which I continued the Greek but didn't manage to finish it all cos I am stoopid. I have no idea how I'm ever going to pass this module.

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