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Ok, so who watched the penis program last night? Come on, be honest. I did and all I can say is... that was disturbing. Particularly...THAT one. If you watched it, you know the one I mean. If you didn't, think yourself lucky. I couldn't get to sleep for a while I was so disturbed. Then I had a dream about sex toys.

Seriously. 'bout that weather? Snow on Friday, sunshine at the weekend. It was all very weird.

I'm quite tired now cos Tuesday's my early day. I don't know how I'm ever going to survive in a job when I have to be up early every day. I think I may become one of the caffeine-addicted masses who can't function without their morning coffee. How tragic.

*insert gap where I cough like crazy cos I managed to choke on air like the genius I am*

It's probably not good that I was less worried about my ability to breath just then than I was about making so much noise in the public computer room.

Right, so my plans for now are to go to lunch for what can loosely be described as food and then on to the library to do Greek. Ah, Greek. It brings me so much joy. In the non-joyous sense of the word.

This feels like a rather strange and disjointed entry. Oh, well.

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