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Meme time. Because tyasante made me. I always have a problem filling these things in because I know that later on I'll remember something I've forgotten now and want to change my answers. So this is just how I feel at this moment.

1. Seven things to do before I die:

1. Fall in love
2. Get married
3. Have children
4. Hide from all the feminists who want to kill me after the previous three answers
5. Go climbing
6. Visit the following foreign countries: Canada, New Zealand, Australia
7. Be a published writer

2. Seven things I cannot do:

1. Draw well
2. Sing well
3. Drive
4. Stand the sight of meat
5. Foreign languages
6. Be around people I don't know well without feeling anxious
7. Let bad grammar slip

3. Seven things I do ritualistically everyday:

1. Write in my diary
2. Talk to Minnie
3. Set the alarm for an hour or so before I need to be up
4. Double check I've locked my door
5. Think in bed
6. Think about my imaginary world
7. Take my precious, precious drugs

4. Seven things I say most often:

1. Riiight
2. Indeed
3. (a la Mr Burns) Excellent
4. Hello beautiful rat
5. You what now?
6. I'm going to kill you (this one is generally not said out loud...)
7. Death! Death!

5. Seven books I love:

1. A Little Princess
2. The Bell Jar
3. Harry Potter
4. Prozac Nation
5. Emily Dickinson poetry
6. Bronte sisters poetry
7. All my other poetry books

6. Seven movies I watch over and over again (or would if I had the time):

1. Beauty and the Beast
2. Girl, Interrupted
3. Dead Poet's Society
4. The Princess Bride
5. Moulin Rouge
6. A Little Princess
7. Kate & Leopold or X Men

7. I believe I'm now supposed to tag seven people to do this, but since I only have seven friends and one of them tagged me, let's just say that if you're reading this, you're tagged. :p

It's so cold today. I sat in Greek thinking "I got out of my warm bed for this?" But yay for the week being over!

ETA: Livejournal's spellcheck doesn't recognise 'Zealand'. I know America likes to think it's the only country in the world, but this is a little ridiculous!

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