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I'm living with a Luddite

Oh. My. God. The stupidity of my housemate is so astounding it actually hurts me. I thought it was stupid when he told me that the way to save documents in Word was to close the file, click 'yes' when prompted to save changes and then open it up again. I despaired when I had to explain it to him that changing the version of a file saved on disc won't change the one on his computer, even if they have the same name. I thought he was being an idiot when he said he didn't want to spend money on a wireless laptop and a connection for us when I was going to be gone in a few months but was quite willing to spend money on a laptop and rely on a neighbour's connection that could go at any time. But this, this is really the height of stupidity. Truly.

He was coming up with theories about why I lost the internet last night and suggested it was when the neighbour shut down her computer. He's got it in his head that it's her internet I'm using. I said I didn't think so because if it was hers I'd be able to get it elsewhere in the house, not just at this very specific point. I also said that I didn't think she'd have wireless when she's the only one who went online. And do you know what he said?

Go on, guess.

It won't be as stupid as what he actually said.


His response: "Oh, so you definitely think it's someone who has wireless then?"

No. I think I'm online through psychic computer power. And oh, it gets better. The rest of the conversation:

Me: "Does she not have wireless?"
Him: "No, she has broadband."
Me: "Er...that doesn't mean she doesn't have wireless." (I wanted to phrase that better, maybe "they're not mutually exclusive you know" but I was overcome with shock at the sheer ignorance.)
Him: "Hm. Oh well, I'm off to work."

Ok, maybe I can forgive the broadband/wireless confusion. He is rather old. But I have no sympathy for not realising I'm on wireless. A. I told him that yesterday. And B. How exactly does he think I'm online? Magic? Sheer willpower? Invisible wires that have somehow burrowed over into next door's modem?

My brain hurts.


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Jan. 25th, 2006 03:59 pm (UTC)
Once you figure out how to control your psychic internet powers, you should teach me how to get wireless. ;)
Jan. 26th, 2006 03:13 am (UTC)
Yeah, last night I had to explain to my ex-boyfriend how to save things onto floppy disk. He thought that you just had to click the symbol of a disk at the top, and not worry about when it said "Save to: My Documents".

His argument: "but its a picture of a disk, that means it's saving it onto a disk!"

Me: "no, you see here, where you choose where to save it to? You have to actually select it yourself"

The worst thing is that he's been doing this since September. Why didn't he wonder that all his disks were blank after he'd "saved" things onto there?
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