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Hobo - It's the New Punk

I kind of look like a punk wannabe with all the safety pins on my bag. But they're not a fashion statement, they're a necessity without which the straps would once again break off. I should have bought a new one, but didn't. Even though I went to the largest shopping centre in Europe at the weekend.

Yes, that's right. Sarah and I went to Bluewater. We originally intended to see Brokeback Mountain but decided against it after looking at the queue. Instead we bought supplies for our film because finally, three years after conceiving of the idea, we are actually making it. And it is going to rule.

I feel I must comment on my flist. I don't think I've ever had that much to catch up on after only being offline for four days! You people are chatty!

And, of course, because it's Tuesday I cannot let this entry pass without some kind of whine about my early morning. So here it is - Ahem, while there were not so many children at the bus stop this morning, the temperature was decidedly less than pleasant. Thank you for listening.

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