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Do I ever shut up?

Hello, me again. I'm in the computer room writing in my livejournal when I really should be doing Greek work. I came here to check my email, no reply from the medical centre yet. Right now I want to go home and sleep. 9am classes are not good, as I have expressed before. The problem lies mainly with the schoolchildren and having to get the 7:45 bus which always ends up completely full. Also there's the fact that at this time of year it means I'm up before sunrise and that's quite depressing.

But, in an attempt to break my bad mood I am going to list things that make me feel good. So, here we go:

1. Lovely text messages from lovely friends.
2. My beautiful Minnie rat.
3. Films with Hugh Jackman.
4. Getting 66% on my big essay that stressed me out so much last term.

Now I feel I should resist the urge to head back to the house. I'm quite hungry so I think I'll go to lunch. Then I suppose I really should do that Greek, can't put it off forever.
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