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We took Minnie to the vet this morning because of the scabs on her back. The vet was really nice and seemed to know what she was talking about, probably because her sister has rats too. She gave Minnie an injection to stop the itching and now I have Baytril to give orally, gel to rub on her back and Spot On to put on her neck in case the problem is mites.

The vet wrote on her computer that, apart from the problem on her shoulders, Minnie seemed "bright and well." She also weighed her, 330g, and said that she seemed quite small for an adult rat! I aways thought Minnie was a fat little girl.

Speaking of the little darling, it must be around her birthday now. I got her on the 3rd of February and she was five weeks old at the time. So Happy Birthday Minnie, for whenever it is!

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