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It's Giant Monkey Time.

Paul and I went to see King Kong on Wednesday and then he dragged me round Guildford from pub to pub, it was awful! ;)

Although I did discover that a strange amount of pubs are right next to churches. I wonder what this means, and if I should be given money by the government to study it.

The film itself was really good, and quite scary in some places, but it did make me sad as I knew it would. *sniffs* Poor giant monkey.

It was great to see Paul again and of course I am joking about it being awful going from pub to pub (I think that's quite obvious, but with the internet you never know.) Walking around Guildford at night is quite nice and there are so many parts of it that I'd never actually seen before.

I have also, for your reading pleasure, condensed King Kong into a thirty second script. Enjoy:

Ann Darrow: If only there was someone out there who wanted a blonde, leggy actress who also happened to be a size four.

Carl Denham: If only I could find a blonde, leggy actress who also happens to be a size four.

*They meet and everyone gets on a boat and goes to Creepy Island*




Ann Darrow: Aww, I like you Giant Monkey.

Giant Monkey: I like you too, little female. Ug.

*Nasty men take Giant Monkey back to New York, although we don’t get to see how they got something that size on that relatively small ship*

Giant Monkey: I miss the little female.

Ann Darrow: I miss the giant monkey.

*Giant Monkey and Ann Darrow go up the Empire State Building together where Giant Monkey is shot by many, many planes*

Ann Darrow: Nooo! You can’t die, Giant Monkey. I love you.

*Giant Monkey turns into a human prince and they live happily after*

Prince: *sings* You don’t have to be rich to be my girl!

Wrong prince.

The End.

Ok, so I may have altered the ending just a tad, but it's all good. Right?

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