Caroline (crystalcazzie) wrote,

Back in Surrey

I'm home! This brings much yayness. It also means I can finally go online with my fancy new laptop. It's really quite weird, the screen is a widescreen so pages are strangely long and it makes journals look very, very weird. It also has the writing on the pages really small and I know how to change that but kind of don't want to because it adds to the different feel of it.

I have quite a bit of Greek to do over the holiday, which means I'll be leaving it till the end. It's not an essay or coursework so it's not vitally important and it's actually probably a good idea to do it later because it'll remind me about it all before next term. That way I won't be sitting there with a completely confused look on my face throughout the whole class.... Ok, I probably will but that's not the point.

There are no Christmas decorations up in my house, which makes it look quite sad. I think I'll have to make it all pretty tomorrow.

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