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Two More Weeks

"So is 'fish' masculine or feminine?"

Sometimes teachers are not helpful.

I haven't been updating a lot because most of my time is being eaten by the evil essay monster, which I should really be feeding at the moment. I can't wait until this term is over, I want to go home and be able to go online whenever I want and not have to worry about Pierre Teilhard de Chardin's theories about God and evolution.

You know you've been working on an essay too much when you can spell Pierre Teilhard de Chardin without even thinking about it.

Tomorrow I'm off to Cambridge as part of my Anglo-Saxon module to look at Illuminated Manuscripts. Hopefully that should be fun and I won't end up stranded there. Sarah keeps saying what a wonderful place Cambridge is so I'm quite looking forward to it. Plus, since I'm not actually doing anything about Illuminated Manuscripts myself I don't have to worry about remembering things and can just look at the pretty pages.

Another thing that pleases me is that it is now December and this means I can listen to The Fairytale of New York over and over again without feeling bad about it being the wrong time of year. Yay.

I went into Canterbury yesterday to buy an Advent Calendar but couldn't find one. This made me sad. So I bought some chocolate and made one myself. This made me happy! I'm quite proud of the final results. I've actually ended up with two cos first I got liqueurs, due to their having 24 in a packet, but then I found hollow Father Christmas tree chocolates, which are more seasonal.

And one final point, I now have The Madness of King George on DVD. It came free with The Guardian along with a CD and four posters. Not bad for 20p!

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