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This is not a subject

Sometimes I wonder if I just attract strange people. On Friday Sarah and I were accosted in the street by these people who wanted to tell us about Jesus and we ended up having a pretty long debate with the guy, who didn't seem to know much of what he was talking about to be honest. Then on Saturday a random guy on the bus asked me how old I was and if I ever thought about joining the Territorial Army. And yesterday my housemate came into the kitchen while I was washing up, said 'is it all clean then?' and just went back to his room. Later on he repeated 'it's so pathetic' over and over again quite loudly.

I'm not in Anglo Saxon England now because it's reading week. I should probably be using this time to look up more information on the Bayeux Tapestry but I've already got quite a bit and if it turns out not to be enough, well then, I'll just panic, won't I?

I feel a bit weird, kind of like I'm on drugs. And not the legal ones my doctor has been doping me up with. I kept thinking it was Wednesday earlier for some reason. Maybe I'm just worried about having to write this essay tomorrow. And then the next one I have to start on right afterwards. And then the next one...and the next.

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