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It feels like Monday

Yesterday I took the day off sick. I haven't done that since year nine and now I feel really bad about it. I've also got a burnt lip, but that wasn't why I took the day off.

Evie is also sick. I took her to the vet and got some antibiotic powder, which has turned her water an interesting green colour. I really hope she gets better soon, I hate seeing her look so ill. Minnie seems absolutely fine, but then she always has been the healthier (and fatter) one of the two.

I still feel pretty lousy but I dragged myself into uni to do research for my Anglo-Saxon England essay. I decided to do the question on the Bayeux Tapestry for two reasons. Firstly because I was born in Hastings and so feel drawn to anything relating to it, but more importantly because it was the second to last question on the list and we won't cover it till December. This means that the books I need are actually available for once!

Also, I was quoted on the LJDQ again! Woo! That has definitely brought my mood up. It was around the 'death to all' mark but now it's probably closer to 'death to some, ice cream and cake for others.'

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