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And it's an open day!

My reasons for coming into uni today and going online were threefold. Firstly, to make my Grand Prix predictions for tomorrow, secondly to email the medical centre for an appointment with the doctor since I only have a week's worth left of my precious, precious drugs, and thirdly because I'm meeting Sarah later today in order to go on a DVD buying shopping trip.

On point one, I discover that the site is down. This is very sad as now we can't play. And if RAT turns out to be the correct prediction I will be quite upset.

On point two, after ages of anxiously worrying about having to send a simple email I finally did it. And now I am anxiously panicking about having done it. Can you say 'pathetic'? I knew you could.

On point three, I now plan to spend far too much money in order to make myself feel better and I am hoping that going in to town on a Saturday won't turn out to have been a completely stupid idea. My extreme dislike of people usually leads me to avoid doing such things.

I definitely foresee alcohol in the not too distant future.
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