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Uni Report

So here I am, back at Kent. Oh the joy!

I came in early today because I had something listed for 10am, but now it's been crossed off of the lecture/seminar list. I don't mind, I'd rather not have a 10am start on Monday. I already have 9am on Wednesday and 10am on Thursday. Plus I have something at 11 on the other side of the uni and since I hate to be late I'd be rushing and it wouldn't be fun.

I also appear to have been allocated a seminar group for Anglo-Saxon England even though I thought those would be decided on Wednesday. Again I am not complaining since it is the exact group I wanted.

I feel like I should be suspicious. Things are going too well. Normally returning to uni involves being run ragged and completely stressed cos everything is messed up and I need to get it all sorted out.

Maybe they decided to be nice to me cos it's my final year.

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