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I really wish I had a more interesting life and better things to write here than how I let wasps out of my room. But since I don't, I'm going to tell you all about how I let wasps out of my room.

Yes. Wasps. Plural. One a few days ago and two today. I'm actually kind of worried about where they're all coming from. Unless they're the same one and it just won't leave me alone.

Actually, that could be possible. The one I let out around 10am this morning was really rather stupid. It was on the inside trying to get out and when I opened the window and managed to get it to the outside, it crawled up the opposite side of the glass trying to get back in.

Stupid little bugger. I hurt my finger for that wasp! It got caught between the handle and the inner pane which I hadn't moved far enough to the side. I hope it appreciates it.

Onto TV matters, Alias was good yesterday. Once again I was treated to my mum's excellent commentary, particularly about Lauren: "She's evil, isn't she? Good, get rid of her. We can kill her off." And this is all before she's actually revealed to be evil.

Then during the adverts we got into a discussion of religion and about what happens after you die. We all agreed we didn't like the Christian idea of heaven cos it sounds like a really boring place. Mum likes the idea of reincarnation. Dad thinks once you're dead, that's it. No more. I think we should live as best we can while we're alive, not in preparation for something that may or may not come after.

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