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Harry Potter Points

Ok, I've been trying to write about the new Harry Potter book but I always end up rambling so I'm going to try and just summarise important points:

Dumbledore - The darkness before the light. Now Harry (and friends) has to go on alone without his mentor guiding him, which is really what the books have been leading up to.

Snape - Not evil. I've always thought that there was more to him and I stand by that, it's too easy for him to just be the bad guy he always appeared to be. Although he probably has to die now, most likely in a noble and heroic gesture that saves Harry's life somehow.

Harry/Ginny - Despite being set up in previous books it still seemed forced. They never seemed to interact at all, let alone in a way that showed they had feelings for each other. We were TOLD a lot, but never shown.

Hermione/Ron - How long do we have to wait for these two? This is what I would call the main ship of all the books. Maybe that's why JK's waiting till the end to get them together, more dramatic that way.

Remus/Tonks - Ah, Tonks. Tonks, Tonks, Tonks. I'm sorry dear but he's gay. He is so gay. He's a big gay werewolf who is still in love with Sirius. All that stuff about being too old/dangerous/poor for you? His way of trying to let you down gently. Remus/Sirius forever!

Sirius - I was hoping for more resolution to his storyline. He fell through a curtain! Harry still has that mirror thing to contact him that he never used while he was alive. There must be more there.

All the notes random students gave Harry from Dumbledore - This really bugged me cos it has never happened before; they have owls for that kind of thing. Also, how come Dumbledore could find all these random students but not Harry? And would you really trust teenagers with important messages?

Plot - Um, what plot? I remember Mum asked me about it a few chapters in and I said it was good but nothing much had happened yet. Then it was the same halfway through. Then it ended.

Voldemort - Not there. Seriously, the big bad villain who's just returned to terrorise the wizarding world and he wasn't even in it! Probably off eating ice cream and playing with wands.

Blaise - He's black! I found that so funny cos I kept thinking about these icons I had seen with Blaise in them that are now completely wrong. See, that's what you get for making a big deal out of a character you only know by name!

Malfoy - Was he in it? He kinda disappeared for most of the book then turned out to be the bad guy, which of course Harry knew all along.

The potion Dumbledore had to drink which weakened him and therefore possibly led to his death - Ok, maybe I am missing something here but...why didn't they just pour it out of the cup after they scooped it up? That whole part just seemed really stupid cos I couldn't get over Dumbledore's idiocy that 'because we can't touch or change this potion we must therefore have to drink it!'

I think I'll stop now. Overall I have to say I was kinda disappointed with this one. But not enough to cry and wail and denounce JK as a heartless bitch who deliberately leads us on then destroys our hearts because she's that cruel. Yes, some people are actually doing this.

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