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Ahh, venting

Beware, here be whining...and vaguely incoherent ranting.

So, first point. It's hot. This would be fine if I'd spent the day lounging on the beach or whatever but is really unhelpful when going into town.

Which brings me to point two; I went into town. It was not fun. It was horrible and made me feel like crap. I thought I was getting over the problems with people and crowds and everything but apparently not. Maybe it's cos I haven't left the house in so long I was out of practice. Or maybe it's because in Canterbury there's a lot of space to walk whereas in Farnham we're all squashed on the pavements at the side of the busy road.

Point three. The lining of my uterus is doing it's avalanche thing. And that's really only a joke you'll get if you had to watch the same stupid slideshow thingy as I did at school when the girls got taken aside for the 'talk.' Of course this happened about three times and the one I'm referring to was when we were 14 and knew pretty much everything anyway.

Point four. I am a moron. I was cleaning out the rats and didn't fasten their cage properly so when I picked it up to put it back the base fell out sending rat litter and bedding everywhere and dropping poor Evie onto the floor. I hope I didn't traumatise her too badly, I don't think I can afford rat therapist bills.

Point five. My hair looked really, really stupid cos I slept on it when it was damp. I know this is a very vain thing to be worried about but it bugged me. Also it was quite uncomfortable in the heat. But still - no cutting it. I should have put it up before I left.

So yeah, that was my day. I think I'll just go hide under my rock now. And since I hear it's going to be 28o tomorrow I probably won't be out for a while. But I'll have to make an appearance for Saturday, which is Harry Potter day my brother's birthday.

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