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It's official, Doctor Who is my new crack.

Less than two hours to go until the finale. So exciting! I think I might spontaneously combust, but not cos then I wouldn't be able to watch it and that would be bad.

One of the things I really love about this is that unlike my other TV show obsessions, this one is actually British and therefore we get to see it first. This means I can experience the excitement and countdown for myself rather than vicariously through the internet. It also means that spoilers are much easier to avoid. And avoid them I have. With Alias I always managed to know what was going to happen ahead of time because people who had already seen it would randomly mention it everywhere and the only way to avoid being spoiled was to avoid the internet entirely...or at least keep to sites that I knew would be Alias-fan-free.

But with Doctor Who...I am blissfully unaware.

I'm still undecided about watching old Doctors. I know lots of people were unsure about the new series cos they had fond memories of the Doctors they grew up with. I think not having that was one of the things that allowed me to appreciate the new one so much. I wasn't comparing him to anything.

An hour and a half...

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