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Three Good Things

You know what is good? Buying a pretty skirt for the costly sum of 1p is good. Ah, ebay, how much do I love thee?

Also good is Raikkonen winning the Canadian race today because I had him as my number one and that means three more points! (This is a rather pointless thing to include because no one on my flist knows anything about the Formula One game that I play on a different forum but I've decided that Raikkonen is my guy anyway so I can be pleased for that reason too although I don't particularly care for Forumla One anyway and by 'my guy' I really mean the one I'll support if I have to but don't actually care that much about and how long can I keep going with this sentence that really should have ended a long, long time ago but will apparently go on forever until it eats everything in it's path and nothing will be spared and before you know it it's the end of time and this sentence is all that has survived.)

Another good thing was Dr Who last night. So much Rose/Doctor love. Makes my shippy heart go all a-flutter, especially The Doctor's reaction to Rose's "death." So emotional. On the funny side we had Captain Jack and his bisexual flirting. I love his character, so confident in who he is and a wonderfully optimistic representation of a future where people will be able to love who they love and not be confined by backwards societal and outdated religious beliefs.

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