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Concert Report

I apologise for the horribly whiny nature of my previous post. Blame PMS.

Anyway, the concert went well. I was especially pleased with the end of the Easter Hymn, I thought we sounded very impressive. Brindisi was fun too, although overshadowed by the preceding Nessun Dorma sung by Brad the soloist which was extremely well received. Probably because it's a very impressive piece and well known to everyone as "that song off the advert."

Then there was the end with Land of Hope and Glory and Jerusalem. People standing up, joining in, waving various different flags - British, Scottish, Swedish, oil on the track...

I did find the bouncy castles and I really wanted to go on one but my stupid anxiety held me back and I missed my chance. Oh well, maybe some day I'll get a group of friends and we'll have a bouncy castle of our own. That would be cool.

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