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Artsfest is depressing me. Watching the 'Whose Line is it Anyway' improv was fun but it all went downhill after that. Seeing all the people with friends makes me feel sad and lonely and being too scared to get food and drink from the tents makes me feel stupid and pathetic.

Also my head hurts and I feel like crap. Aren't I cheery today? Oh yes, full of joy, me. And having to sing Jerusalem later is just going to piss me off more.

EDIT: Artsfest has been upgraded from depressing to fucking annoying. I finally, finally got up the courage to go to the beer tent and get a drink. Stupid move. After one close call involving a football it was an artsfest program of all things that managed to spill my beer and soak my score as well as my own program. I also have beer on my clothes, but that was a result of my own clumsiness. And I was very tempted to kill the annoying idiots who decided that a good place to stand would be right next to where I'm sitting. Fuckwits.

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