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Eek, it's sunny!

I'm melting! Melting!!!

On days like this I can't help but be reminded of Florida and being asked by various different people "does it EVER get this hot in England?" Ah, such naivety. In fact right now I believe it's actually hotter here than it was in Florida when I was there. Of course they should be about ten degrees hotter by now and probably longing for the good old days when you just melted rather than spontaneously combusted.

Sometimes I wonder if I should be outside enjoying weather like this rather than online. But then I think that's a crazy thought. Ooh, but once I get home I'll be able to take my laptop out onto the patio. Best of both worlds.

So, anyway, update. Barbeque yesterday. Very much fun. Got to meet and re-meet various people and lose spectacularly at chess to Bill in the pub. Then we both got to lose at Trivial Pursuit, but on the up side I did discover that people from Lesbos are called Lesbosians. What a cool piece of information.

I also got a girl's phone number (no, not in that way) and am very happy at the thought of a potential new friend, if only I can get up the courage to actually text her.

I need to get back to the house soon. I left the rats alone all night and they're probably passed out drunk after getting into my scotch. Also rats don't cope well with the heat and although it's not really hot enough to do damage they are Kentish rats born in winter and this is probably quite a shock to them.

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