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Update on Me

After the first failed attempt to see Star Wars, Robert and I went the next day at 11:30 and this time actually got to see the film. Yay. And here we have my thoughts:

* I am a girl. Yes, I have known this for some time but now I can safely say I am a girl in the way I watch films too. The battle at the beginning was very big and impressive and probably had the special effects guys wetting themselves with glee but it didn't really do it for me at all. So I wasn't really drawn into the film at the start.

* I got a D in Physics but even I know that what happened with the gravity on that ship was bullshit. Just because the ship turned sideways does not mean that suddenly the side is the bottom and everyone falls towards it. Gravity on a ship is artificial, it would not change direction because the ship did because the ship's orientation would have nothing to do with it. This really, REALLY bugged me.

* I may now have a crush on Hayden Christensen. Loving his hair.

* I still have a crush on Natalie Portman. Wow, she's hot.

* If Padme dies that early, how come in Episode VI Leia says she has memories of her real mother?

* What was with the obsession with cutting off peoples hands? George, I think perhaps you have issues and should seek help. Now.

* Also, the cuts between scenes. What, did you have a whole bunch of them on your computer and decide you had to use each one at least once?

* Overall I'd say a good film. Not great, especially since I've already forgotten a lot of it, but good. Better than the previous two. I won't compare it to the original trilogy though since that's reached such iconic status that nothing will be considered good enough, really.

Then on Saturday I went back home with Robert for the weekend. It felt really weird to just be visiting. I came back this morning on the train. By myself. That was a hugely nerve-wracking experience.

And now, I have my to do list:

1. Clean out the rats and try to get them to forgive me for abandoning them for two days.
2. Buy Emma a 21st birthday present. Her birthday was 12 days ago and I don't have the excuse of exams to put it off any longer.
3. Get a new student ID card since mine will run out in a few days. This I've been putting off for months.
4. Look into possibly getting a job over the summer. Very, very scary.
5. Enjoy being free of revision and coursework stress.
6. Don't fall asleep in chorus. I took a diazepam earlier cos I was so anxious about getting the train and then I nearly fell asleep on the bus.

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