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Woo! Yay!


I have just come from my Pre-Industrial England exam! You know what this means? It means they're over! No more exams! For a while at least. I can relax and finally breathe again. This also means I need to catch up on my emails cos I've kinda been ignoring people recently due to the dark cloud known as revision hanging over my head.

But no more, I can now dispel that cloud and go out in the sunshine again. And actually my last exam wasn't too bad. I was really worried about it but I think I did ok. Not great, but I wrote stuff and I think some of it may have actually made sense. Shocking, I know.

I don't think all of me has really caught up though, cos I still have this feeling of guilt for being online, like I should be doing work instead.

Robert should hopefully be coming up on Thursday. We plan to see the new Star Wars film. More cause for yayness.

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