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Happy Friday the 13th.

How many marks do you get for turning up to the exam and writing your name? I hope it's a lot because I'm going to need them when it comes to Pre-Industrial England.

Do you think if I go in and write 'I am a fish' over and over again the examiner will be so amused and impressed with my knowledge and implementation of a popular culture reference that he will award me top marks?

Of course another option for trying to do well would be to actually revise, but I was doing that earlier and it's Friday afternoon. I'll do more tomorrow, most likely interspersed with moments of panic and complete hopelessness as I contemplate my total lack of knowledge about this mind-numbingly boring subject.

Plus I must be careful not to forget Latin. That exam actually comes first and it's worth 80% of the final mark. I think I'm ok with the first three declensions and the active verb conjugations. I can only hope that there will be questions on them and not just on things I'm not so good on.

In other news, I went to the Gulbenkian with Nicola as part of the 'graded exposure' process. Basically the point is to gradually get me into situations that scare me so they don't become as scary any more. Who knows, maybe after this is done I'll actually be able to go places without turning into a gibbering mass of anxiety. That'll be nice.

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