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Last Night

I think, just think, that I may in fact have drunk a bit of alcohol last night. Just a bit.

There was also some stuff about gerbils, vets, vegetarian lasagna, Christians, fondue, dancemat and some kind of election mixed in there as well. It was very eventful.

And now I feel quite ill. I blame the Conservatives, stupid party winning all those seats. All their fault.

At the moment I just want to go to bed but I need to get the bus back. I came to the computer room instead of getting the most recent bus because it would have gone to Herne Bay school and I am really not in any state to cope with screaming teenage brats. There would probably be bloodshed.

I hope the rats are ok and not too upset with me for not coming back last night. Maybe they had a wild party while Mummy was gone...

I'm thinking today is a write-off where revision is concerned but I had a most excellent time last night so I don't really mind. Doing random things is fun.

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