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St George - Not Just for Football Hooligans

Ok, apparently day time is a bad time for roadworks. For some reason midnight is much better. I don't know why, but I do know I could hear it from my room. And the road is now open again, so much for easy crossing.

Also, some people came to fix our wall, there was a woman with a clipboard and a guy with a big truck of supplies. David and I were just leaving at that point and when we came back we discovered they'd done a wonderful job of putting two cones next to the fallen part of the wall. Wow.

Speaking of David, he's making me go outside. He says I spend too much time in my room and keeps making me sit in the garden or takes me to the seafront. I suppose this is better than wallowing in misery about my upcoming exams and my woeful lack of knowledge on any of the subjects.

On one hand I'm dreading how close the exams are cos I need time to revise but on the other hand I just want them over with because really all I'm doing at the moment is worrying myself crazy and not doing anything useful, such as, I don't know, actually revising.

This might also be because I'm really tired half the time and asleep the other half.

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