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Back to Uni

Well, my disciplined plan to revise and do well on these exams has got off to a good start. I got up this morning, had a shower and... went back to sleep. Good job!

Ok, tomorrow. Revise tomorrow. Revise Latin tomorrow cos we have a session with him at 5 and I need to at least make sure I know enough to get by without looking like the total idiot I am when it comes to the language.

On the bright side I checked my student data records and I have been put down for Religion and Film next year. I was afraid it was going to be a whole complicated thing involving forms and going to see people but it seems to have worked out fine.

Also, there appear to be some kind of roadworks going on on the road next to the road my house is on. I'm not sure what exactly cos all I've seen is an area barricaded off with the top layer of road removed. The advantage of this is no traffic, which makes crossing the road to get to Alldays much, much easier. Although the fact that our front garden wall has been knocked down would seem to indicate that this is not all good news and may involve large vehicles outside our house.

I didn't really feel like leaving my room today, I think I'm ill in that annoying not-really-ill-just-feeling-crappy kind of way but felt like I should at least go to chorus and see what we're doing this term. Maybe not the best idea since my throat is one of the things giving me the most bother but oh well.

Plus, if I hadn't come in I never would have noticed that book in the library, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Philosophy. Maybe I should find it and read it when revision becomes too much, it looks like it could be interesting. Also I have a cool computer with a clicky keyboard and a funny flat screen. Yes, little things please me.

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