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Woo! I have finally got BitTorrent to work! (With large amounts of help from my far more computer savvy brother.) You know what this means? It means I only have a few days left to get as many episodes as I can to take back to uni with me and distract me from the evil revision that I haven't even started yet even though my first exam is less than a month away.

So far I've got two Alias eps (Welcome to Liberty Village and Tuesday) and am currently downloading the Simpsons episode about gay marriage. I'm not sure what to go for next, I need to pick and choose what I really want. Ah, such a world of possibilities open to me now.

I am also kinda drunk cos Dad and I went to the pub to meet up with a few people from the old quiz team. Apparently they haven't gone to a single quiz since I left. See, without me those people fall apart.

Wow, I am such a lightweight. All I had was two pints of lager and already I find walking a strange and difficult task. Typing is all right though, maybe I do it enough that my fingers remember even when my brain is too inebriated to focus.

Gives me a cool excuse to use the drunk penguin though. And who can resist the lure of the drunk penguin?

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