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Another weekend

Once again I return to my journal bearing exciting details of my exciting weekend. Although no vibrators were involved this time. Which is a very good thing cos I went to see my grandparents.

Dad and I went up on Friday, we spent a few hours with them then went to his friends house where we were staying. We ate Indian food. It was good.

Saturday was actually my dad's birthday, although you wouldn't have known it from looking. We went back to grandparents house where we all sat around the TV watching the royal non-wedding wedding and commenting on the hats.

That night we had Chinese. It was not as good.

I went to bed to find a large orange cat waiting for me... he glared at me and tried to kick me away a few times, probably wondering how I dared to invade his space. But he did stay on the bed with me all night, which was sweet.

And now I'm back, and tired. Being around people is exhausting, even though it was only four people who I already knew and liked. I just want to hide away with the internet now.

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