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World Rat Day

Apparently April 4 was World Rat Day. I sincerely apologise to my girls for missing it. But I did let them on the keyboard earlier and they wrote this message:

[yyyyy b# #I[‘upm
// m I=### m jk su3fhn]I

If anyone here speaks rat and would like to translate for me they are more than welcome to. I think it may be some kind of code, but then I also think Evie is a genius since when I put her on Mum's laptop she wrote evj, which is very close to her name. True it followed a load of other letters, most of which were 'e', but I was still very excited about this development and was very keen on sharing my newfound knowledge with people and telling them all about my little Einstein rat.

Mum just told me to continue taking my medication.

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