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Well I had a good weekend, even though I spent far too much money. This is what happens when I'm with Emma. We encourage each other to spend rather than be sensible!

First of all I would like to point out that I got the train down to Portsmouth all by myself! Until recently there's no way I would have been able to do that but going to Florida has given me a lot more confidence.

So last night we had the Ann Summers party at Emma's house. I spent far too much money there, second only to Emma herself. But I didn't win any amusingly phallic shaped prizes. Shame.

This morning Emma and I went shopping in town where again I spent far too much money. Noticing a pattern here? I bought DVDs, CDs, clothes, chocolate and scotch. Although in my defence the last one is a birthday present for my father and the fact that I will probably help him drink it is completely irrelevant...

Also, I went to Subway to the first time. Ah, another milestone reached.

And best line of the night has to go to Emma's housemate who informed us that "while we were talking about vibrators, the Pope died."

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