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Ratties Update

I have worked out how to give Evie Echinacea - put it on a Cheddar biscuit. Both the girls go crazy for them! Of course Minnie licks the Echinacea off first because unlike her sister she seems to actually enjoy it. I wonder what she'll think when I stop giving it to them, which'll have to be soon.

Also, they broke their wheel by chewing through a bit of plastic. They were left wheeless for a day, to give them time to think about what they did and the consequences of their actions. Or to give me time to figure out a way to fix it. I put it back together using a couple of paperclips and when I put it back in their cage Minnie jumped on it before I'd even had time to finish setting it up! Then Evie slept in it. I guess they really missed their wheel.

But this morning I saw both the paperclips have gone and the wheel is clearly about to fall off again. I had to leave so didn't have time to do anything at that point though. I wonder how long it'll take them to knock it down, and where the paperclips went. They wouldn't try to eat them, would they? Nah, they're too smart for that.

I hope.

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