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Cathedral Concert

I have performed in Canterbury Cathedral. Yay me!

Also, I am the Lord Mayor of Canterbury. Ok, not really. But I did take his seating card after the concert was finished. Someone had already nabbed the Archbishop's.

Mum and Dad did make it, so I was pleased about that. We had coffee in Sainsbury's Starbucks after rehearsal and I managed to spill mine everywhere cos I'm clumsy like that. We also went shopping and now I have quite a bit of food and alcohol and will hopefully not have to buy any more before the end of term.

We then got a travel cage for my rats and Mum bought them a wooden chewing ball each. I introduced them to my parents and they seemed quite interested. Minnie was more friendly. I got them out and Minnie sat on my shoulder, Mum and Dad said it was really sweet the way she poked her head out of my hair!

Evie, on the other hand, hid under the drawers. Not a problem, she does that a lot but this time she wouldn't come out. I eventually took the bottom drawer out and picked her up. She squeaked loudly, scratched my hand and escaped, running behind my desk. My parents went out of the room and I managed to get her out. It was quite worrying, she's never done that before.

The concert was fun. It was absolutely freezing during rehearsal so I wore a white long sleeved top under my white shirt but still got quite cold. The singing went well, I didn't get lost, and the bass drum was massive!

Afterwards we went to Little Italy to eat. I showed Mum pictures of Minnie and Evie on my camera phone like a proud parent. "This is Evie sticking her head out the cage door...And this is Minnie in the wheel, look how small she was back then!"

Then they left on Sunday and I was sad and now I'm fluctuating between excitement/fear about the trip to Florida, worry over my essay and misery because it's the time of the month when I feel really crappy and am most likely to kill a man and chop him into little pieces (take note, David.)

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