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Snow, gerbils, more snow, rats and even more snow.

Wednesday: Went to see Bill's gerbils. Got to watch one eating a baby. Really could have lived without that. But the rest of the visit was fun, watching the rest of the babies and trying to work out which of the guys was actually mummy gerbil.

Then we made a snow duck and I finally got to have a snowball fight! Yay! That made me so happy.

I only just made the last bus cos they stopped at 7 and then it ended at the bus garage so I had to walk back to my house from town in the dark and wet. Not so much fun.

In the evening Paul texted me to ask if I'm watching Desperate Housewives which was a bit random. I haven't spoken to Paul in a while.

Thursday: Didn't bother leaving the house cos of the snow. This meant I missed a day of working on my essay and yet another Chorus rehearsal.

The rats worried me cos they were sneezing but I didn't see any other signs of them being ill so I took out their bedding and just put in torn up kitchen towel/toilet paper to see if that helps.

Friday: Went to all the effort to get into uni for Latin but only Mitch and I turned up. We waited the traditional ten minutes and then left. Turns out they sent an email cancelling them yesterday afternoon. When I wasn't here.

It wasn't snowing when I left the house but it really came down soon afterwards. And when I got to uni I discovered that the paths are solid ice! I don't think Mum and Dad will be able to come to the concert tomorrow. At the rate I'm not sure I'll be able to get to the concert myself! Although perhaps my more immediate concern should be getting back to the house today...

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